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Date Reported: 2018-11-18 15:02:10 UTC
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North Carolina, Buncombe County
Hartwell carson
Assigned Authority:
Monte clampett
New house Construction at 66 Tanglewood Avenue in West Asheville. It's at the corner of craggy Avenue and Heron Street. Several dump truck loads of Red Dirt have been dumped around the house, at the same time that the silt barrier has been partially taken down, and the roadside curb has been totally taken down. I used to live next door, and when it rains hard, the rain Cascades down the street and goes straight into that property. Without a good curb, or unless they pave over it, the next big rain could be devastating. One of the pictures shows a roll of silt barrier that hasn't been erected yet, and one picture shows what that area looks like after a rain, when the water ponds there. I tried to talk to the construction crew about it, but they didn't want to hear it.
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